11 months old & going strong!

June 30th 2013

Today marks his 11-month old status! I cannot believe he is going to be 1! It amazes me how time flies by and I still cannot believe I gave birth to such a great miracle in my life.


It was another gorgeous day in Hawaii and a hot one too! My little guy is just recovering from a low-grade fever so we decided to do something that didn’t involve too much direct sun. We celebrated his 11-month old status by hitting the Honolulu Zoo. It was our lucky day that there was also a VW Auto Show right on the great lawn inside the zoo! And we couldn’t leave the zoo without our lemonade fix. I don’t know what it is, but the freshly pressed lemonade at the zoo is delicious. Can you tell that Odin likes it too?

combo zoo

Note: The Honolulu Zoo is a fairly small zoo and you can easily walk around the whole zoo in a few hours. They also let you bring coolers and food in so you should bring a blanket or something to sit on, it’s a great place to have picnics. We are big fans of the zoo and go fairly often at various times of the year so we have an annual pass, (it’s fairly cheap!) Here’s a link for more information. http://honoluluzoo.org/


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