DIY Vintage Shadowbox

I work for a great company. It is a rare day for me to get to play with new products in our store simply because I am too busy. But when I saw this new shipment of SPC wood crafts, I instantly knew what I wanted to create and also knew that it wouldn’t take long to make either. If you follow me on Instagram, I previously posted a photo of this project. If not, you can follow me @babababora.

This took me probably less than an hour to make. The vintage effect of painting came to me via a co-worker via the all-powerful Pinterest. It was hard, but I veered away from my love affair with chevron paper and tried something different but still me. Scraps of fabric and ribbon were added with mini clothespins (super cute, right?!) and the perfect photo, my adorable niece of course…and TADA! Your own personal DIY shadowbox.

july12_photo 1

Note: These unifinished wood shadowboxes can be found at HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts in Hawaii. They are also inexpensive and more often than not at 40% off.


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