KCC Farmer’s Market

If I had one word to describe the KCC Farmer’s Market, it would be VIBRANT! I haven’t been able to go to the market since the last time my sister dragged me there simply because I was lazy and it was too hot for me. There are so many people there now and I believe there are trolleys from Waikiki that shuttle in the tourists now as well, it is a little insane. There is a good mix of locals and tourists milling about. We live nearby so we walk there vs. driving (e-mail me for the secret parking lot!) because parking can get pretty intense. It’s gotten so crazy that there are actual police officers that direct cars into the parking lot now. I honestly don’t remember that the last time I went.

I love checking out the local produce from the farms here in Hawaii, the colorful floral selections, and most importantly the food vendors! One of my favorites is the lemonade (duh!) from Waimanalo Country Farms, they serve their lemonade in a mason jar! Love! Also love the Gingerkooler, there used to be just three flavors, now there are like ten!
We actually walk into the KCC campus and enjoy our drinks and food inside. They have a huge lawn that we can spread our blanket out on and let Odin enjoy running around. Barefoot of course.

july14_kcc 1


(I couldn’t resist putting up a photo of my viking!)

Note: Here is a direct link that can tell you more about the Kapiolani Community College Farmer’s Market, http://hfbf.org/markets/markets/kcc/. It is a stroller friendly place although you might need to be an experienced stroller driver since there are literally tons of people there. There are also families that ERGO it but I feel like in July, it is sooo hot in the mornings that you and the baby will literally be so sweaty that a stroller is a better idea.


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