What I love most about my home is who I share it with. -Tad Carpenter

I am currently at home in the LBC (Long Beach City, California for all those non-gangstas) and looking at everything in a different light. As a child I probably took too many things for granted and didn’t take the time to fully appreciate the meaning behind them. I’ve also been away for awhile and taking time out of social media to be at home and to welcome this brand new year with one resolution, “to allow myself to be happy”. So I apologize to those few that were following my blog and thought that I disappeared from the face of the earth…lol.

As I grow older (I think the term would be “adult”), and have a child of my own, I want my child to remember sitting in his Grandma’s lap or receiving “neck sugar” from his aunts. I want him to look forward to his Grandpa sneaking him some cookies when he thought I wasn’t looking. I want him to know that we are bilingual and to appreciate that our culture is a gift not every one is given.

This is home to me. It doesn’t matter where I live or how beautiful the scenery is, what matters most is who I share it with.



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