Happy Aloha Friday

Ahhhh…the weekend is finally here.  Well technically it won’t start until work ends but at least it’s Friday and that means toes in the sand for us.  Thankfully, southern California weather is somewhat similar to Oahu.  The temps here have been bearable and the sunsets almost as arresting, especially at my old stomping grounds.  Seal Beach pier was the spot for coffee walks & talks and warm desserts late at night…oh the memories.

Now normally I don’t do couple shoots simply because my love & focus is for crazy toddlers running around but, I will make some exceptions.  It was a fairly late warm afternoon and so Seal Beach Pier was the perfect spot to photograph my brother and his beautiful girlfriend Megan, who in my opinion is already part of the family.  Sometimes the golden light is a hit or miss…we definitely hit it that day!  Their session was amazingly magical!




I guess my brother would also take me literally when I say, “Hey Chris, why don’t you whisper something into her ear!”…(meaning I can’t hear you anyways so there’s no need to put a hand up to cover your mouth lol!)



It was a spectacular sunset!


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