Frozen in Fennel


Normally I don’t have dinner at my sister’s house due to my toddler running out of energy and passing out right at 8PM.  But I made an exception and invited myself over to dinner not knowing that on that night, their family usually ate a bit later due to my niece having a gymnastics class that evening.  Well, it was a lot later…and I almost ate my arm that night because

  1.  I wasss hoongry!!  Mind you I even brought over my own appetizer and ate it wayyy before dinner.
  2. Dinner was late…and I was having crazy eyes from watching Odin and Roman (my nephew) gallivanting all over the place and just being hooligans!  Apparently they like to climb on furniture of any kind and leap off!  What!!

And even before dinner, we all played outside to run off some of their energy.  In the midst of the craziness, my sister dug up some fennel from her front garden and it was huge!  I happened to snap a fabulous photo of her wrapped up in a fennel scarf.  Frozen as I like to call it because what you don’t see is my 6-year old niece doing a solo from Disney’s Frozen serenading the entire neighborhood with her rendition of “Let It Go” complete with wild arm gestures.  Think Rush Hour when the Chinese girl is singing Heartbreaker in the car before she gets kidnapped.


_MG_3798I am also unsure of whether the ball hit him in the face or if it fell on the ground.  Sorry Roman!


One thought on “Frozen in Fennel

  1. One of the rare occasions where I actually get to cook and I decided to make an awesome whole roasted chicken with a fennel and citrus salad, caprese salad, rice (Cambodians always gotta have rice with everything!). Both my kids devour it! They love this chicken recipe!

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