St. Maarten

Our first port of call was St. Maarten.  The day started a little dreary with some tropical rain and since our family was playing everything by ear, we didn’t have anything planned thus were unaware we needed to board a ferry to shuttle us across the harbor.  We also had children, two of which were babies and under the age of one.

Stroller and all, off we went across the harbor to the Dutch side of St. Maarten to explore on foot Philipsburg, the main town and capital of St. Maarten.  It reminded me of Waikiki.  While charming and quaint with aging brick shops and tourist trinkets, the heckling of locals to buy or use their tourist services was a bit off-putting.  But hey, we’re on vacation so we politely said no and continued to explore.





This is my Dad’s debut on my blog!  Stay tuned to see my Mom!



Because we were there early, nobody was on the beach yet and Ares strutted her stuff for us.  We shopped and had lunch on the beach.  The best part of St. Maarten for us probably was the beach.  The sun prevailed and it turned out to be a gorgeous day with all the kids loving the sand and water.   I also don’t have many photos to share because I chose to be in the water playing with the kids, sometimes fun is more important!

Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine.


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