St. Thomas/US Virgin Islands


Our second island hop adventure was St. Thomas.  Visually upon approaching the island, the scenery was stunning but boy oh boy…it was hot!  But better hot than hot rain right?  In terms of shopping, there were many, many shops in close vicinity to the port with so many things to buy…I mean really, do we need so much rum??!!  I guess so since this is the Caribbean.

We stuck close to the port again and this time went to the butterfly garden situated right next to port.  The only downside to docking here was that there were no beaches within walking distance from the ship.  I think I preferred the rustic-ness of St. Maarten to the hustle and bustle of St. Thomas.  


All in all, I really enjoyed the islands, everything was so colorful and vibrant.  This was also the rare occasion that I was in any photograph since I took so many of everyone else.   So if anyone needs a vacation photographer, please feel free to e-mail me lol!



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