Castaway Cay

So we’ve reached the end…well almost.  Disney has saved the best for last, I mean what kind of company has their own island??!! (excluding Martha of course!)  A unique experience on its own and we get to enjoy the island and attend a wedding there at the same time!  Sign me up please!

brach 1

Beautiful sights, beautiful sounds, beautiful family…congratulations again to my wonderful sister that has found an amazing soul mate in Jon.  I am incredibly happy for them and was delighted to capture this intimate moment for them.  So get ready to scroll and scroll because this post is photo heavy.

brach 2


Clearly the day was perfect!  Clear blue skies and sparkling waters…however I have one teensy weenie comment for Disney for future intimate weddings on perfect days like this one, could they maybe provide some sort of shade for the bride and groom during the ceremony?  I mean…they were in direct sun = unavoidable shadows!  I was afraid if we didn’t get done any sooner, we would all melt ala Olaf.




More on Castaway Cay later this week!  Stay tuned.
Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine.


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