Castaway Cay Part 2


This journey ends here.  I was super lagging and didn’t finish my posts…shame on me for leaving you hanging.  One of the most enjoyable aspects about vacation is to truly relax and live in the moment.  Because the wedding took the most part of the morning with lots and lots of photographing…I chose not to photograph as much the rest of the day to spend time with my family and my munchkin.  Sooo you won’t see many photographs here.

Castaway Cay is exclusively for the Disney Cruise and allows their guests to enjoy themselves without having to think much about anything.  There’s a great big bbq that you don’t have to pay for as well as fruits, ice-cream, soda, and enormous chocolate chip cookies.  There were many beaches and play areas for the little ones.  If I had a choice, I’d like to stay just one more day.  It was so perfect.  Even my Dad got to snorkel with the sting rays.  I was too terrified…you can call me chicken.  Some of the photographs here are my brother’s that I stole from his point and shoot.  (that’s him and his girlfriend in the snorkel gear there)



One of the last things I’ll comment on is the housekeeping service on the cruise ship is outstanding.  Every night I came to my room exhausted and the room was super clean and our housekeeper even stacked my diapers and baby food!  (…maybe because he knew I was traveling with an infant by myself but he was amazing! )  And the staff folded our towels every night into some kind of animal.  Most of the photos are from my brother’s camera.

last night_5_Fotor_Collage


One thought on “Castaway Cay Part 2

  1. I want to go on cruise for my 21st birthday (instead of doing the same old Vegas) and this one looks phenomenal! I have never been on one but I can’t wait to try; drinks, buffets and beaches are for me 🙂
    Happy Travels,

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