Hot or Cold? Pick One Already California!

Southern California is having trouble deciding which season it wants to be in.  Does it want to be hot or cold?  There have been varying degrees of temperature here and SoCal is having the temperament of a woman!!  Jeez…there’s been days of Hawaii-like sun and then there are those days that are brrrr…like it’s December!

One day I decided that we needed to get a kiddie pool for the kids to play in because it was so dang hot.  So off I went to Target and I couldn’t just get the normal circular pool, I had to get the one with a ring toss and slide!  But hey, it’s for the kids so it has to be bright and fun…says me.  So on this almost 90-degree day, the kids are definitely having a blast…so please California, please bring us back to the comfortable high seventies so we can put away our coats and boots.

Although on a side note…if you really really knew me, you’d know I wear boots year round because my toes stay cold too often.





Look at those little bellies!  Makes me wanna smother them in kisses!


Have a great weekend and hope the sun shines wherever you are!


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