Happy Cambodian New Year!

A little backstory on my family so that you understand certain opinions of mine on this post.  My siblings and I are what you call first generation Cambodians.  The major difference between us and majority of other Cambodians our age is that while we speak fluent Khmer (other name for Cambodian), we also speak perfect English without a trace of any accents.  We celebrate our new year on April 13th/14th and it lasts for about three days.  It marks the end of the harvesting season before the rain and monsoons arrive.


It’s been over a decade since our family has participated or attended an event for our culture.  That’s not to say we are not proud of our heritage or culture, we just aren’t those types of peoples.  And so we gathered our children up to experience the Cambodian New Year’s parade that takes place in Long Beach, California from Junipero Ave to MacArthur Park (about 17 blocks).

We got there with enough time to get a pretty good spot, kids and I on the front line and my sister behind me.  While I was clicking away she decided to give me a running commentary on everything that we saw coming down the street.  Luckily, I was able to get accompanying shots of her hilarious observations.  Did I mention this was all out loud as well?


“Why are native american’s in the Cambodian New Year’s parade?” (aren’t their headdresses beautiful?)


“Why she wearing that red dress…it shows everything and it’s too dang hot!  Someone should tell her they sell panti-liners!  I have those shoes in black, she got them at Linda’s store.  Why are they wearing such high heels, don’t they know they gotta walk all the way from Junipero?” (it was also really hot if you can’t tell by how bright the photos are!)

What was even funnier was the older Cambodian women around us saying the same darn things but in Cambodian!  I die…it was sooo funny!  Check back next week as I may decide to really join in the festivities and go to the big one at El Dorado Park…dang I’m really getting my Cambodian-On!








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