Get Egg-Cited!

Here’s to my first DIY on my blog.  So get ready for some egg-citement!  We are going to be making some simple egg-cellent Easter treats for just about anybody.  Are you tired of my egg-pressive jokes.  Don’t roll your eyes, I know you love my Easter jokes!


These particular treats were for my niece’s kindergarten class.  With Easter a week away, these are egg-tastic and fun for the kids.  So I scoured the net for free printables because hey who doesn’t like free and easy!  I found one that I liked from eighteen25, (i love her blog!)  and I modified it a bit because I don’t think kids should have more than 1 peep!  But do so at your own discretion.  Eighteen25’s printable is for the snack ziploc bags while mine are for the 4×6 treat bags I found at Michael’s (a 100 pack for $4.99).  So what you need is:

  1. Some peeps
  2. Easter grass
  3. Treat bags
  4. Print those free tags

So all you do is, get the single peep from its attached buddies, put it in some easter grass and staple the tag on! Easy peasy!  And for all you pro-craftinators out there…Easter stuff usually goes on sale this last week before Easter…so get your stuff and make some egg-credible treats!


In retrospect I should’ve shot some pictures of someone actually putting it together or a self-timer of myself doing it…but hey, nobody’s perfect and I’ll make a note to do it next time!


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