To The Wat We Go

Wat means temple in English in case you’re wondering.  Onward to the Wat we went with all our kids and Grandma duded up for the big day in celebration of Cambodian New Year.  Collared shirts and pink cowgirl boots…I wonder what the monks thought of that.


Flags billowing in the breeze made for a gorgeous day…if only we could keep the boys from climbing the chairs and running around the not-so-kid-friendly temple.  We offered up rice and my Mom’s fine cooking for the monks to enjoy and took the kids outside as not to disturb the sermon.  We enjoyed fried banana for the whopping price of a $1…you could get as many as 5 for a dollar, that’s a sweet deal.  Odin was the only one chowing those down like water.


_MG_4734_Fotor_Collage 2

I ran into a few people who recognized me from middle school!! (really) Is it terrible that I don’t remember them or forgot their names?  The person was a grade down from me and she knew who I was??!!  Was I really that memorable or do you think I aged well and probably still looked the same?  I hope it was the latter.  On another note…what do you guys think of my Mom’s debut on my blog?!


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