These Boots were made for Easter Egg Hunting

My niece is a serious fashionista in the making.  This leads to an extensive and creative wardrobe with various accessorizing and a definite opinion on what she should wear.  Easter was no different.


We celebrated with all the kids and a massive Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  The weather was beautiful and the kids were all very anxious to get outside and look for eggs that were all hidden very well if you couldn’t tell by looking at the photos.  It was complete with my very first rainbow cake and a porcetta made by my sister and BIL (brother-in-law).  Very, very simply deliciouso.   Please be gentle with your comments about my rainbow cake as it was my first one ever (and I’m not a baker!)…and it wasn’t as cosmetically beautiful as others I’ve seen, nonetheless it tasted pretty dang good.



I hope everybody had a great and safe Easter!


_MG_5071_Fotor_CollagePhoto Tip: Even though some of your photos might be blurry, don’t be afraid to keep them because the moment means much more.  In above middle photo, Mr. Daredevil’s easter basket got too heavy so he started dragging it!  Even though it was slightly blurred, I kept it because it is such a sweet photo.  I also tried some vintage LR presets on some of the above photos…can you tell which ones?




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