Stealing Kisses


Although this photo was somewhat staged, it is one of my favorite photos and one of the very few that I share with my son.  I knew what kind of shot I wanted and so I set my settings beforehand and told my sister exactly what I wanted.  Although I may come across a little bossy sometimes, I am very specific about how I want my photo and what to include in the frame.  So I am very proud that my sister was able to capture this for me.  The photo credit shall go to her!

On a whim we decided to go to the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.  I’m so glad we were there.  It was glorious…fields upon fields of gorgeous stunning flowers.  It was an amazing experience for the kids.  If you’re ever in San Diego from March through May, this is a must-see.  They are only open to the public for these three short months!


They have everything from wagon rides to ice-cream, the ever so refreshing lemonade I’m always searching for, a maze, a chicken coop, and little maps for the kids to stamp where they’ve been in the fields.  It was quite nostalgic complete with what I thought were probably real farmers!


My mom came with us and she likes to pose and smile directly at the camera…so naturally my Viking wanted to copy everything she did and this resulted in some funny shots for a 21-month old, take a look at the one below.  Have a laugh to start off your weekend!


…and I don’t want to forget the diva!



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