Cheek-an Goo-d!

10 online points to anyone who can guess where that title is from.  I’m not sure where you can use those points but save ‘em in case one day I have a giveaway or something!

We normally don’t have dinner at my sister’s because…well I don’t really know why but it usually involves the kids running around yelling and trying to get near the oven while she’s cooking or them taking out all the measuring cups and oven mitts.

The last time we were there, my guy decided to take out all the oven mitts and then proceeded to pass them out to all the kids so everyone had a pair. Hmmm…this is probably why my sister doesn’t have us over for dinner all the time!


They make this whole chicken recipe almost once a week and use the leftovers for many other things (sandwiches, salads, etc. etc.)  If you like crispy chicken skin and citrusy aromas, then this is for you!  Served with a side of buttery swiss chard…this makes for a lovely and deliciouso dinner.  Here are links for the cheek-an (oookay…no more jokes!) and the swiss chard in case you get the drools and feel the need to cook this tonight!  Thanks Food Network!



And I just can’t resist another foot picture.  Little feet are sooo cute…don’tcha just want to eat ‘um up!  Annddd…how you guys like my new blog format?  Any comments, suggestions are welcome!  Please be gentle!



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