Sneak Peek: Baby Ellie

A little while back I had the opportunity to photograph this adorable bucket of love, Ellie.  Congratulations to Ry and Dan for the newest addition to your family.  With two little girls already I see many dresses and bows in your future!



Vintage mini-couches…love!



Newborn sessions can either be incredibly gorgeous or head south…really fast.  Photographing newborns and their siblings (if under 5!) can be especially challenging, but it also helps to be a little prepared for them…hence, lots and lots of toys!  I know there are many many sources out there for photographers (and mom-togs!) but here are a few tried and true tips that I definitely need to share:

  1. Rule #1…baby is BOSS!  Never forget that baby runs the show and controls the mood for your photos.  Making sure they are relaxed and comfortable is key!
  2. Having Mom feed them before the sesh helps immensely to keep them calm.  Milk comas are recommended.
  3. They need to be warm!  Whether outside with the sun or inside, keep them warm until you can get ‘um naked for that split second bum shot!
  4. Sometimes I do a loud shushing sound kind of like white noise from the old school tv days…this mimics the womb somehow and it’s a 75/25 chance of them calming!  There’s also a white noise app available, but when shooting with a bulky camera…less is definitely more!
  5. Patience is key!  Don’t be afraid to take your time.  Ever hear of Rome wasn’t built in a day?

That’s just a few tips direct from me to you!  But, if you have any that also works, please feel free to share or link!  Until next time…toodles with a few outtakes from that day to make you smile!



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