Harbor Cruise – Long Beach

I like to venture out and explore lots of places…and I include my toddler in almost every single way possible.  I don’t think life’s adventures should stop when you have a child, you just have to make slight modifications in the plan…and prepare the plan ahead of time in case there are unforeseen obstacles you might encounter along the way.


There are many harbor cruise offerings in Long Beach now and to narrow it down to the one you want can be hard.  Let me help you.  Numero uno ruleLook for groupons!!  There are always coupons out there!  Yes, you want to do exciting things but sometimes these exciting things are rough on the wallet so therefore you must be vigilant in looking for great deals! (do I sound like a superhero?!)

So we found this groupon and it was $24 for four adults! (that’s $6/person) for a 45-minute harbor cruise of Long Beach.  Normal tickets are $12, I believe.  You can check their website for coupons as well but nothing gets better than the groupons.  Kids two and under are free.  It’s called Harbor Breeze Cruises.

The boat itself was a little shabby but hey for $6, I can take it.  Two levels, downstairs it’s just windows with seating area but perfect for our party since we had three young’uns with us.  Upstairs there is no shade and can get windy.  Halfway through the cruise, most of the families with young kids ventured back downstairs.  Windows downstairs are pretty big and the bench seats were pretty comfortable.  They had a tiny snack bar with drinks, candy and whatnot.  Maybe next time we’ll try their whale watching cruise as I’ve heard it’s much better than this one.


Perfect view of the Queen Mary and the sea lions were the most exciting thing on the cruise!


Sorry, my photos aren’t that great…I didn’t think I was going to review it but decided to anyways because I thought people should have an idea of what their short cruises are like.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to shoot them my way so I can include them on here.

This is a non-sponsored post and all opinions are my own!


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