Coming to America


{Photo Credit: Left is unknown and right is the fabulous Abra @ Abra Klinger Photography}

And you’re probably thinking Eddie Murphy?!  Well…not quite like him.  This is my story.  The picture on the left is my Dad and I taken in the Philippines right before we arrived in the United States in 1984.  Our family fled the country of Cambodia amidst the Khmer Rouge war with my older sister and went through Thailand where I was born and were sponsored by a church in California and had the latest addition to our family, my younger brother.  In the photo, I just turned 2.

The photo on the right is of course, my guy and I.  He is about to turn 2 as well.  This is probably one of my all-time favorite photos.  Though my parents had very little money, they were able to get film photographs of my sister and I when we were very young.  When my toddler gets older, I hope that this is also one of his favorite photographs.  I want him to be proud that he is half-Khmer and to be able to speak and understand it as my parents have taught us.

{Photo credit on the right is fellow photographer of Abra Klinger Photography.  She specializes in newborn/maternity photography! She is amaze balls!}


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