Why I Blog


(photo credit: Abra Klinger Photography)

August is coming to a close and September is nearly here. Half the year is over and Christmas is fast approaching. It’s crazy how fast children grow and if we don’t stop to enjoy life’s precious moments, it can be gone in a flash.

Today I’ll be answering some questions I got from my friends when I first started doing this blog. I think it’s important that I share them because they represent who I am and my views on life.

“Why did you start this blog? Was it to document your son’s life growing up?”

I started this blog for a variety of reasons. Here are the main ones. I needed an outlet to share everything, I mean everything! I’m always looking for tutorials on crafts, sewing, photography, diy’s…so why not “do my duty” {doh!} and contribute as well! At least I know someone, somewhere is reading it. And yes, some of it is to document my son growing up and to share my experiences with my readers and hopefully spread some joy and love through my photographs of him. My heart is so full of him that I need to share it with whoever is listening.


“It always looks like you’re doing something fun. How do you do it?”

My camera is always nearby within easy reach. And no, we’re not always doing something fun. Though it looks like we take trips all the time, we are not. They are probably spaced about a week or two weeks apart. I just manage to photograph as many photos as I can and also delete many photos…or you can call me a photo hoarder.  Even though many phones are capable of taking fantastic photos, I still prefer my DSLR and will lug it with me everywhere even if it does make my bag ten pounds heavier.  We also look for cheap places and look for groupons whenever possible.  For the most part, toddlers are free everywhere.


“Your photos are so happy. Do you have any of them with the kids crying?”

Thank you. Kids being happy in photos makes me happy. I have as many happy photos as I do of them crying. I choose not to publish the unhappy ones because the kids don’t have a choice yet of how they want themselves portrayed online. When they have an opinion on it, I will then ask them. And when they get older, if they say no pictures…no pictures it is 😦  Luckily for me, the Diva is almost always willing to pose for me!



And there you have it, questions answered! If you have any more, shoot me an e-mail and I will answer them! I read every comment and question so please be gentle!


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