Peel the Love!

And now I’m back with an awesome valentine idea from Karrie at the Happy Money Saver! {she’s so awesome!}  This is so adorable, healthy, and inexpensive to do for Valentine’s.  You don’t have to feel guilty at all for not giving out candy, as kids and adults love to eat cuties.  I find that you can buy them cheaply at Costco and sometimes they go on sale at Target for $3.99.  The clear cello bags are 4×6 inch bags that you can get at Michael’s, Joann’s or even the dollar store.  I find that this is the perfect size for the square tags without having to trim anything extra off.


ANNNDD…this is a big and, she has FREE printables for them on her site!  So hop on over there and download and print!  You can thank me now.  All you need is some of those clear bags and if you feel like getting creative, get the kids to put some stickers on the bags or even write their own names on the tags, {yup, that’s right!  get them to do some work!}


And if you feel like getting creative, you can use the tag line for different items to give, like bananas or even apples!


And that’s what it looks like when you ask two little toddlers to pose for you while taking photos! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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