About Me


Hi, I’m Bora and welcome to my blog!  I am a full-time working, first-time mom who wants it all and uses every minute of my spare time to spend with Odin, my little Viking and of course Mr. Bora as well.   I am what you call a ProCraftinator.  While I love to delve into my creative outlet, time likes to run away whenever possible so I have to limit my projects to what can be done within the hour that my little one naps.  Taking the time to breathe and to let my imagination take place allows me to be the person that I am today and is a vital part of myself.

Photography lets me re-live the moment and stop time and life.  It is important for me to document all the little things that people don’t normally give much attention to.  Little hands, little feet, beautiful smiles, and spontaneous moments…I live for all of that.

I am Bora and I approve originates from my co-workers. It is an inside joke that whatever they make, create, or do needs approval from me. If I approve of it, then it’s okay…hehehe. I must say that I can be a little bit scary and sassy for a five foot plus 1 inch (yes, I had to add the 1 inch) female. My site title is an ode to them!


Hair, Make-up & Photography by Jolie La Belle based in Honolulu


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