Take a Walk – Shoreline Village

During our frequent trips to the Aquarium of the Pacific we often venture out nearby towards Shoreline Village and Lion’s Lighthouse.  The city of Long Beach has completely remodeled this entire area from my childhood and it looks absolutely amazing!  I remember this part of the city from my childhood as an empty parking lot.  It is so fabulous that I get to share this spot with my Viking.  When I was little, my parents used to bring us here and we’d catch crabs with little chicken pieces attached to a string that was attached to a chopstick!


Though sometimes I feel it is rather tourist-y, I am delighted that it looks beautiful and that the City of Long Beach took so much effort to clean and beautify it.  I’ve never actually seen so many tourists in Long Beach before this time.  If you’re ever in Long Beach, take a walk at Shoreline Village or take in one of their harbor cruises.  I’ll talk about one of their cruises on my next post!  There are many things to do here as well as coming just to take a walk, not mention seeing the sights that are freeeeee!  Although you might want to splurge on the $2 ice-cream pops at the Bait/Snack Shop…just sayin’.




If you go with kids, bring a toy shovel.  My guy likes to play in the sand near the trail through the fake dunes.  It is also picturesque for engagement/wedding photos.  We could literally spend hours here!


Aquarium of the Pacific

My love for the ocean runs deep and strong.  It stems from childhood adventures at the beach and long road trips to lakes and streams.  As a child I loved everything and anything that had to do with the ocean.  From dolphins to whales to all movies involving some type of water and sci-fi…I loved it all.  Don’t judge because Waterworld was a great movie!!  Who doesn’t need paper?!  Ohhhkay…no more waterworld references!


The Long Beach Aquarium is world famous (who’d’ve thunk it?) and downright amazing place for adults and children.  My little man and I went for his very first visit and he loved it!  He stuck his little tiny hands wherever he could…including the mini-shark area.  We stroller-ed it for his first time and then went without for his next visits.  I just got tired of taking him in and out when clearly he wanted out (he’s about 21 months now for those inquiring!).  With close friends and family, we explored it SeaQuest style and enjoyed it very much.



It is so great to see that the Aquarium is even better than it was when it opened in 1998…that was during my heyday!  When it opened, I was expecting beluga whales to be there like in Head Over Heels…again, don’t judge!  Back then it was cool to have your prom there!


It is such a kid-friendly place and if you’re in the Long Beach area…please go!  There is so much more to do there than just looking through glass.

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