Watermelon Shark & Chocolate Cake

Shark Week is still going strong!  What’s a party without a shark shaped watermelon to serve to your guests?  Thanks to my brother-in-law Jon for taking the time to contribute to my guy’s fin-tastic party.  It was jaw-some!


There are many many tutorials for this online and especially on one of my favorite websites…Pinterest!  So take your party to the next level and make a shark watermelon to serve your fruit out of and also serves as a visually appealing decorative item to the party! However you do it the little ones are going to be sooo amazed!


And let’s not forget about his fabulous 2nd B-day birthday chocolate cake done by one of my favorite peoples in the world, Eunhye Shim!  You can follow her on IG @SUBBIE120!  Her work is gorgeous, freaking amazeballs, and taste delicious as well! {you know normally you get the great looking cake and then it taste like paper?!…hers is a little slice of heaven!}


All our favorite things in a cake!  The ocean, sharks, and surfing baby on a polka-dot board! I know you can’t really tell in the photos but I’m sure it is not coincidental that the board is somewhat a replica of my very own custom 7’0 polka dot fun board!  Her details are stunning and it is such a gift to me that she was able to contribute this to his B-day party!  She’s sooo busy!


It was so hot and humid in the afternoon that by 2:00, Bruce the Shark swam down to the table 😦



She’s great right?!


Cabrillo Marine Aquarium


This is the start of many more aquatic adventures on my blog.  If you follow my blog and know me well, then you know that the ocean is my playground.  But in order to enjoy it, you must respect it and learn as much about it as you can.  I definitely want to instill that in my Viking and is beyond thrilled that he already loves fish and loves to stick his hands in all the touch tanks at the aquarium.

I went to CMA (Cabrillo Marine Aquarium) when I was in the sixth grade and oh my… it has changed soooo much, barely recognizable for me.  It is sentimental and nostalgic that I was able to take my son here.  CMA is a great place because one, it is freeeee! (donations are welcome of course!) and two, the beach and playground is right across the parking lot!  Parking is $1/hr and bathrooms are ehhh…let’s just say they need to be updated.   It is located in old town San Pedro.

One of the highlights of this adventure was the Exploration area.  It was amazingly clean and such a great set-up for kids of all ages to explore!  It challenges you to use all your senses to explore the ocean and they even provide tools for you to engage yourself as a marine biologist!  How cool is that!





Let’s just say he kind of likes looking through things!

When hitting Southern California with your kids, this is a must-see.  It’s a secret spot that’s not so crowded but you get the best of both worlds with the aquarium and then the beach after.  What’s not to like?


To all my sic-fi lovers…what does the background look like??  (Hint: Star Wars…They are used by the Old Republic and the Galactic Empire for ground assault or transport)  Pretty cool right??!!

Aquarium of the Pacific

My love for the ocean runs deep and strong.  It stems from childhood adventures at the beach and long road trips to lakes and streams.  As a child I loved everything and anything that had to do with the ocean.  From dolphins to whales to all movies involving some type of water and sci-fi…I loved it all.  Don’t judge because Waterworld was a great movie!!  Who doesn’t need paper?!  Ohhhkay…no more waterworld references!


The Long Beach Aquarium is world famous (who’d’ve thunk it?) and downright amazing place for adults and children.  My little man and I went for his very first visit and he loved it!  He stuck his little tiny hands wherever he could…including the mini-shark area.  We stroller-ed it for his first time and then went without for his next visits.  I just got tired of taking him in and out when clearly he wanted out (he’s about 21 months now for those inquiring!).  With close friends and family, we explored it SeaQuest style and enjoyed it very much.



It is so great to see that the Aquarium is even better than it was when it opened in 1998…that was during my heyday!  When it opened, I was expecting beluga whales to be there like in Head Over Heels…again, don’t judge!  Back then it was cool to have your prom there!


It is such a kid-friendly place and if you’re in the Long Beach area…please go!  There is so much more to do there than just looking through glass.

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