Happy New Year – 2015!

Is it January 2015 already?  Since I haven’t blogged in what seems like ages…I can’t apologize anymore for it as it is what it is!  2014 literally flew by and I’m still not sure where all my photos went 😦

The fall holidays have left me spent!  Photography has been kind to me and so my days are filled with taking lots and lots of photos and chasing my guy around.  Thank you to all my clients this past year and that this year will be even bigger and better.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and a New Year…I’m exhausted already.

I fell by the wayside of not blogging at least once a week but far exceeded my expectations by doing it a couple days out of the month.  All these Moms that do it EVERYDAY are EXTRAORDINARY!!!

My camera has exploded and I’ve become a mass photo hoarder (not good for my hard drives!).

My guy has had many blessings last year and have experienced many things.  From Legoland to Disneyland and camping, his biggest blessing is having been able to spend his days with family.

Here are some photo round-ups of the last few months since I haven’t shared in quite awhile! {although I have been somewhat active on IG if you follow me there…I think that counts!}  These are all quite random in their order so don’t judge.


Top: The Diva was in The Nutcracker this year as an Angel!, with Santa at the Christmas tree farm

Middle:  Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure with McQueen and Tow-Mader!

Bottom: Daredevil turned the big “2” in December and more visits at Disneyland!

_MG_3505_Fotor_Collage_beach day in november

Warm weather was kind and visited Southern California in November & December so we had some nice and sunny beach days!  {Just look at those sculpted abs!}  All the beach photos were taken on different days although it looks the same ’cause he’s wearing the same trunks and holding the same shovel…oops!

IMG_7043_Fotor_Collage_christmas tree dance

The “let’s look for Christmas trees dance”

_MG_4327_Fotor_Collage_new years eve

And finally…New Year’s Eve!  {note: we went to bed 15 minutes before midnight!}

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend and I’ll be back next week to share more new things!  Cheers!




Revived by The Long Beach Ballet, this comedic ballet is charming and witty at the same time.  I had the privilege and pleasure of attending my niece’s ballet performance in their presentation of Coppelia this past weekend.  For those not in the know, here’s a link that explains the story more in depth and probably better than I, New York Ballet Company (I hope to see it there one day…ohh the grandeur of costumes and live orchestra would be amazing!)

My niece has been doing ballet for quite a while now and it is wonderful to see her enjoy it so much.  Though she had a small role in it, it is so special to see her delight in getting ready for it.  She even had her make-up done by the fabulous Stacy (Faces by Stacy in the OC)…what a treat for a six-year old!


(was able to get a slight film look in the bottom photo of her face, such gorgeousness…woot woot!)



The Diva was a Coppelia doll in the ballet and this is her signature pose!


These photos of the stage were taken with stealth and the help of my bag/suitcase.  Anddd they were taken after the announcer said, “please no photos or videos during the performance!”  Any minute I was waiting for the usher to come and scold me for breaking the rules and I could feel other people giving me stink-eye but hey…this is once in a lifetime and I might never get to do this again so what the heck…just DO it!




Congratulations Bub…you were magnificent!