Peel the Love!

And now I’m back with an awesome valentine idea from Karrie at the Happy Money Saver! {she’s so awesome!}  This is so adorable, healthy, and inexpensive to do for Valentine’s.  You don’t have to feel guilty at all for not giving out candy, as kids and adults love to eat cuties.  I find that you can buy them cheaply at Costco and sometimes they go on sale at Target for $3.99.  The clear cello bags are 4×6 inch bags that you can get at Michael’s, Joann’s or even the dollar store.  I find that this is the perfect size for the square tags without having to trim anything extra off.


ANNNDD…this is a big and, she has FREE printables for them on her site!  So hop on over there and download and print!  You can thank me now.  All you need is some of those clear bags and if you feel like getting creative, get the kids to put some stickers on the bags or even write their own names on the tags, {yup, that’s right!  get them to do some work!}


And if you feel like getting creative, you can use the tag line for different items to give, like bananas or even apples!


And that’s what it looks like when you ask two little toddlers to pose for you while taking photos! Happy Valentine’s Day!


“I’m Gonna Wreck It!”


Two points to the first person who can name what movie that quote above is from!

Well obviously if you follow my IG feed, then you already know and have seen the kids fabulous one-of-a-kind costumes from the Wreck-It-Ralph movie!  No one else had these costumes and the kids were so adorably cute!  We had several candy givers say how awesome their costumes were!  Vanellope von Schweetz and Fix-It-Felix costumes were done by the amazing Diane Kile {she’s got amaze-balls sewing/creativity skills!}  That contractor belt and hammer were spot on!


Though we realistically only covered one block…the candy bags were full and the kids were on a Halloween high all the way to bedtime.  So without further ado, here are their costumes and how you can get the same look! {hopefully for less}

My Viking as Wreck-It-Ralph


  • Overalls – bought at Ross in denim color and bleached out {pinterest tutorial} and then RIT-dyed chocolate brown {easy peasy}, $12.99
  • Green undershirt – already owned
  • Orange thermal – Target, $5
  • Hero’s duty medal – made by Uncle Chris
  • Ralph Hands – On sale for $16 at Level Up
  • Hair gel and brown brow liner – Priceless

The Diva as Vanellope von Schweetz


  • Sweatshirt & Tights – Joann’s, $10 {roughly?!} and Target, $3.99, pieces were originally white and RIT-dyed to perfection in that beautiful teal green color
  • Skirt – Brown fabric that was less than $5 I think
  • Boots – Ross, roughly $12.99
  • Ribbons – $5
  • Hair Candy – .99
  • Attitude – No cost

Daredevil as Fix-It-Felix Jr.


  • Workshirt and Jeans – Used children’s store, less than $6
  • Boots – Ross, roughly $10.99
  • Contractor belt and hammer – Handmade by Diane Kile
  • Kid Gloves – Amazon $10.49
  • Hat – e4hats store in Fullerton, CA {they are also online}
  • Swagger – Ingrained


If I missed anything please feel free to ask me questions/comments.  Hope I’ve inspired you to be a kid again!  Homemade costumes rock!

Why I Blog


(photo credit: Abra Klinger Photography)

August is coming to a close and September is nearly here. Half the year is over and Christmas is fast approaching. It’s crazy how fast children grow and if we don’t stop to enjoy life’s precious moments, it can be gone in a flash.

Today I’ll be answering some questions I got from my friends when I first started doing this blog. I think it’s important that I share them because they represent who I am and my views on life.

“Why did you start this blog? Was it to document your son’s life growing up?”

I started this blog for a variety of reasons. Here are the main ones. I needed an outlet to share everything, I mean everything! I’m always looking for tutorials on crafts, sewing, photography, diy’s…so why not “do my duty” {doh!} and contribute as well! At least I know someone, somewhere is reading it. And yes, some of it is to document my son growing up and to share my experiences with my readers and hopefully spread some joy and love through my photographs of him. My heart is so full of him that I need to share it with whoever is listening.


“It always looks like you’re doing something fun. How do you do it?”

My camera is always nearby within easy reach. And no, we’re not always doing something fun. Though it looks like we take trips all the time, we are not. They are probably spaced about a week or two weeks apart. I just manage to photograph as many photos as I can and also delete many photos…or you can call me a photo hoarder.  Even though many phones are capable of taking fantastic photos, I still prefer my DSLR and will lug it with me everywhere even if it does make my bag ten pounds heavier.  We also look for cheap places and look for groupons whenever possible.  For the most part, toddlers are free everywhere.


“Your photos are so happy. Do you have any of them with the kids crying?”

Thank you. Kids being happy in photos makes me happy. I have as many happy photos as I do of them crying. I choose not to publish the unhappy ones because the kids don’t have a choice yet of how they want themselves portrayed online. When they have an opinion on it, I will then ask them. And when they get older, if they say no pictures…no pictures it is 😦  Luckily for me, the Diva is almost always willing to pose for me!



And there you have it, questions answered! If you have any more, shoot me an e-mail and I will answer them! I read every comment and question so please be gentle!

Watermelon Shark & Chocolate Cake

Shark Week is still going strong!  What’s a party without a shark shaped watermelon to serve to your guests?  Thanks to my brother-in-law Jon for taking the time to contribute to my guy’s fin-tastic party.  It was jaw-some!


There are many many tutorials for this online and especially on one of my favorite websites…Pinterest!  So take your party to the next level and make a shark watermelon to serve your fruit out of and also serves as a visually appealing decorative item to the party! However you do it the little ones are going to be sooo amazed!


And let’s not forget about his fabulous 2nd B-day birthday chocolate cake done by one of my favorite peoples in the world, Eunhye Shim!  You can follow her on IG @SUBBIE120!  Her work is gorgeous, freaking amazeballs, and taste delicious as well! {you know normally you get the great looking cake and then it taste like paper?!…hers is a little slice of heaven!}


All our favorite things in a cake!  The ocean, sharks, and surfing baby on a polka-dot board! I know you can’t really tell in the photos but I’m sure it is not coincidental that the board is somewhat a replica of my very own custom 7’0 polka dot fun board!  Her details are stunning and it is such a gift to me that she was able to contribute this to his B-day party!  She’s sooo busy!


It was so hot and humid in the afternoon that by 2:00, Bruce the Shark swam down to the table 😦



She’s great right?!

Shark Photo Prop

So we got Alien sharks, Sharkageddon, Megalodon, Escaping Jaws 2, annnd Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine!  Are you over it yet…I hope not as we get ready for Sharksanity on Saturday!  This shark week is getting better every day!  Follow me on IG @babababora to get a glimpse of my shark week shirt.


What’s a party without a photo prop?!  And a shark one at that!  With a little help from Pinterest and my awesome brother who basically made this entire prop for my Viking’s 2nd B-day party…it turned out fairly awesome.  With a few test runs and layers of paint later…he came out fierce!


Back in the day before no kid, I would’ve thought these photos props were lame but ya’ know what…they’re absolutely not!  Of course being me {the photogmom}, I made everyone take a photo with all the props we had.  If I had more time, I would’ve made red chum bean bags so the kids could throw them through the mouth and it would double as a game!  We also had a beach babe and beach hunk body to take photos with as well!


DIY Tip:  When making the beach bodies, you only need to use one board!  Paint one side the female body and the other side male!  And poof!…you can thank me for saving you money now.


Isn’t this photo too funny?!  So it seems every time I take a photo, Mr. Daredevil there (my handsome nephew) mimics me and puts up his invisible camera to take a photo now!  At first we didn’t know why until I figured out he was acting like he was holding something near his face.  Hilarious!


Look at these two cutie patooties!  She had on a seahorse dress and he had on a shark shirt!  They were both ready to party!


Don’t be afraid to be silly and scared that no one will like the efforts you made, for your biggest fan is the only voice that counts and at the end of the day will give you the biggest hugs!  Soooo GO… and make your sharknado of a party fabulous with as many photo props as you can make!  I give you my blessing!

Shark-tastic Desserts

Are you tired of my shark referenced puns?!  Well…alls I can say is too bad…YOU will look forward to a whole week of them!  My little man’s shark themed birthday party got off to the right start with these sweet treats.

To top everything off we’ve got some Pinterest-inspired desserts for you and a lil’ bit of a DIY tip as well.  Who doesn’t want to eat these awesome desserts?!  Thanks to Megan & Diane Kile for making them and helping with the dessert set-up!  Couldn’t have asked for better than these fellow crafters!  Feel free to pin away and let’s get this party started!


Make your shark jello with blue jello {of course!}, get some shark gummies, tear open a few cuties, and top that boat with a sail!  Our sails were from the store but you can easily make your own with cute tape {available everywhere} and a toothpick.  Grab some spoons and eat up!


Onto some sun action here.  We got those teddy grahams sunbathing on some brownies sprinkled with graham crackers for sand and lying on those sour tape things and an umbrella to protect them from the sun!  Those slippahs are nutter butters with colored icing and a m&m.  Sooo easy peasy!


Marshmallow fish pops!  So you’ve probably seen many versions of this online and many tutorials and you’re probably wondering, “why didn’t she cover the whole marshmallow in blue chocolate to resemble the ocean?”.  I actually did a test run of these a couple days before the party and covered the entire marshmallow in blue chocolate and I was on a sugar high the rest of the day.  Can you imagine kids eating those all day?  Yup, thought so.  So I covered only half and just went with it.  You will need jumbo marshmallows, crushed graham cracker crust, bag of fishes, blue melting chocolate, and lollipop sticks.  This also works best if you roll the marshmallow into the chocolate rather than dipping it.  I also used vegetable oil to get a runny consistency for the chocolate.  If you’re the type to need an exact tutorial, here is a good blog, See Vanessa Craft.  She has awesome photos too!  I would have them too but most times I’m in too much of a hurry to get them done!

Aren’t these so much fun?  And super easy for you to do with little to no effort for your shark/beach themed party.  And who says you have to have a party to make these?  It’s shark week…make em’ now!

Welcome to the Weekend!


What is that stunning piece of art doing on that table?!  Yup…I can totally hear you saying that about my lovely thingamig holding those flowers from my sister’s garden.  I, Bora made that myself in the fourth grade.  I’m not really quite sure if I was listening to the teacher when they were explaining colors to us as it turned out into fifty shades of purple…maybe I should’ve been paying attention, ha!

Saw it at her house while I was there for dinner and exclaimed “wow, you still have that?!  I made it…did I give it you?”  Then I tried to take it back and had an internal war in my head about it and decided…oookkayy I let you keep it although I tried to take it back.  What are sisters for anyways?!

These Boots were made for Easter Egg Hunting

My niece is a serious fashionista in the making.  This leads to an extensive and creative wardrobe with various accessorizing and a definite opinion on what she should wear.  Easter was no different.


We celebrated with all the kids and a massive Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  The weather was beautiful and the kids were all very anxious to get outside and look for eggs that were all hidden very well if you couldn’t tell by looking at the photos.  It was complete with my very first rainbow cake and a porcetta made by my sister and BIL (brother-in-law).  Very, very simply deliciouso.   Please be gentle with your comments about my rainbow cake as it was my first one ever (and I’m not a baker!)…and it wasn’t as cosmetically beautiful as others I’ve seen, nonetheless it tasted pretty dang good.



I hope everybody had a great and safe Easter!


_MG_5071_Fotor_CollagePhoto Tip: Even though some of your photos might be blurry, don’t be afraid to keep them because the moment means much more.  In above middle photo, Mr. Daredevil’s easter basket got too heavy so he started dragging it!  Even though it was slightly blurred, I kept it because it is such a sweet photo.  I also tried some vintage LR presets on some of the above photos…can you tell which ones?



Get Egg-Cited!

Here’s to my first DIY on my blog.  So get ready for some egg-citement!  We are going to be making some simple egg-cellent Easter treats for just about anybody.  Are you tired of my egg-pressive jokes.  Don’t roll your eyes, I know you love my Easter jokes!


These particular treats were for my niece’s kindergarten class.  With Easter a week away, these are egg-tastic and fun for the kids.  So I scoured the net for free printables because hey who doesn’t like free and easy!  I found one that I liked from eighteen25, (i love her blog!)  and I modified it a bit because I don’t think kids should have more than 1 peep!  But do so at your own discretion.  Eighteen25’s printable is for the snack ziploc bags while mine are for the 4×6 treat bags I found at Michael’s (a 100 pack for $4.99).  So what you need is:

  1. Some peeps
  2. Easter grass
  3. Treat bags
  4. Print those free tags

So all you do is, get the single peep from its attached buddies, put it in some easter grass and staple the tag on! Easy peasy!  And for all you pro-craftinators out there…Easter stuff usually goes on sale this last week before Easter…so get your stuff and make some egg-credible treats!


In retrospect I should’ve shot some pictures of someone actually putting it together or a self-timer of myself doing it…but hey, nobody’s perfect and I’ll make a note to do it next time!

Happy Friday!

Spring is here and the weather is as beautiful as ever. Time for planting and seedlings to take root. It is also a good time to get the little ones involved. Although it is rather more work to involve them, I’m glad that my sister has the patience to let them stick their little fingers in her plants.


I’ve also never really seen a pinterest planting suggestion carried out.



_MG_4247_Fotor_Collage 2

Get ready for the sprouts to start showing in about 7-14 days!  Happy Planting!