The Chrysalis

Remember those beautiful caterpillars I photographed in my sister’s garden in May?  Well, due to Mother Nature and bad timing, I never got a chance to see the rest of the stages.  There were about five caterpillars and we only visually saw one open chrysalis.  Here’s a link to the previous post with the caterpillars.

Well, fast forward to now, I had seen only one tiny caterpillar and now, ta da {as Daredevil would say}, we have THREE chrysalises!  I think the scientific word is pupa…but really who wants to say pupa?!  {it sounds too much like poop!}  So, let’s stick with chrysalis, it’s so much prettier anyways.


The chrysalises are so beautiful.  They are similar to jade earrings and the color is insanely gorgeous!  {no color retouching!}  Look at those gold sparkles!


That one there looks the most different from the other three.  It has a deep brown and gold ring at the top.  I wonder if that is an indication of the butterfly’s wing patterns.  It’s amazing either way.  I really do hope that I get see the butterflies making its way out of the cocoon…that would be so special.


I remember visiting a butterfly farm on our cruise trip on St. Thomas and seeing them behind a glass window. {I probably posted it as well…} but seeing them in my sister’s garden with an unobstructed view…priceless.  {insert master card commercial}

Have a good weekend and aloha!


Dandelion Wishes

It’s so awesome to see a child explore new and different things.  Their expressions and enjoyment are priceless.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple weed to capture such wondrous reactions.  And really…I must stress the power of the nifty fifty lens, I sure am making it weerrk!

Here’s a little reel of dandelion wishes for Wednesday.


(okay Mom…I’m making my wish!)


(Getting set to huff and puff!)



(Alright…I’m done!  Let’s eat!)

Can you spot the floating florets in the air?  It makes me smile.

Welcome to the Weekend!


What is that stunning piece of art doing on that table?!  Yup…I can totally hear you saying that about my lovely thingamig holding those flowers from my sister’s garden.  I, Bora made that myself in the fourth grade.  I’m not really quite sure if I was listening to the teacher when they were explaining colors to us as it turned out into fifty shades of purple…maybe I should’ve been paying attention, ha!

Saw it at her house while I was there for dinner and exclaimed “wow, you still have that?!  I made it…did I give it you?”  Then I tried to take it back and had an internal war in my head about it and decided…oookkayy I let you keep it although I tried to take it back.  What are sisters for anyways?!



ISO 125, 1/500, f/2.8  – 50mm

Who says you can’t capture shots like these without a macro lens?  Yes…there might be some noises emanating from your lens due to the auto-focusing but hey…YOU CAN DO IT!   And yes, there is a difference in bokeh between the 50mm f/1.8 II and the 85mm f/1.8.  If you look really closely, the bokeh circles are slightly hexagonal (is that a word?) in the 50mm although it still produces fantastic photos and is a powerful little lens!  One day I’ll do a comparison.


These guys are living and thriving in my sister’s backyard right now.  There used to be six and now there are only two, maybe three?  Hopefully we’ll be able to watch these guys through the rest of the stages of metamorphosis.  It is amazing how cool these guys are yet it makes me shiver looking at them because of their many legs.  Reminds me of that worm thing in Dune!  Teeehhee who remembers that movie?!  Sci-fi movies are fascinating to me!