Orange County Fair – 2014

OC Fair, one word = hot!  An experience that hopefully the kids won’t forget and will maybe remember.  Corn dogs, lemonade, fruit…you name it, the fair has got it.  We ventured out on a cloudy Sunday morning and hoped it would stay that way but as fate would have it…sun came out and heated us up.   It made for a gorgeous day nonetheless.

Our favorite part was having the kids getting their faces painted.  Nothing I like better than enthusiastic and happy face painters!


I think the boys enjoyed looking at each other after the face painting.


Of course the fair had the requisite barn animals, rides, and carnival games.  One of the other highlights was entering the “air-conditioned” building full of artwork and masterpieces.  The cakes were fabulous to look at and the desserts that were entered into the contests were delightfully dazzling.


I am amazed at the time people take to grow their own fruits and vegetables! Sadly, everything I grow gets the Bora touch and eventually wilts away 😦


Check out that Eiffel Tower in the top middle photo…can you guess what it’s made out of?! Here’s a close-up shot.


Miniature perfume bottles!  How cool!

While there are many many pros of the fair, let’s face it…there are also cons.  While the pros far outweigh the cons, I gotta be honest and list some cons that kind of bothered me but I just “let it go” at the end of the day.

  •  Not many rides for the 3 and younger crowd
  •  Employees of the carnival games seemed to be “not happy” to be working the fair.  {C’mon guys, these kids are super excited to be at the fair and are super excited to play these games…the least you can do is smile when they actually win something}

I hope you enjoyed my OC Fair 2014 review!  I don’t want to end on a bad note so hopefully this guy’s smile will make you smile in return.  I know just looking at him makes me get the honey glow something awful!


Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.


Happy Hula Friday

The hula reminds me of my love for the ocean.  Graceful hands and rhythmic hips swaying is a soothing reminder of waves rolling by.  Old Hawaii ne’ is brought back through song and dance.  It is compelling and enchanting to watch.


This past weekend, I was treated by my sister to attend my niece’s hula show.  This is the first time that I have been able to see it live.  She is simply incredible.

She has been doing hula since she was three years old.  There is a natural grace and presence that she possesses for the stage.  As part of Halau NaMeakanu, the Diva (as we now shall call her) participated in three performances.  Not only did we see the many keiki perform, there were beautiful dances by the other ladies and a heartwarming dance between father and daughter.


Naturally, most of my photos are of her.  Look at that gorgeous smile!  She smiled in all her dances!



(Sorry for all the backs of heads in the photos!  We were sitting about 15 yards away in a school auditorium!  And…I was taking photos with a toddler in my lap at most times!)


Castaway Cay Part 2


This journey ends here.  I was super lagging and didn’t finish my posts…shame on me for leaving you hanging.  One of the most enjoyable aspects about vacation is to truly relax and live in the moment.  Because the wedding took the most part of the morning with lots and lots of photographing…I chose not to photograph as much the rest of the day to spend time with my family and my munchkin.  Sooo you won’t see many photographs here.

Castaway Cay is exclusively for the Disney Cruise and allows their guests to enjoy themselves without having to think much about anything.  There’s a great big bbq that you don’t have to pay for as well as fruits, ice-cream, soda, and enormous chocolate chip cookies.  There were many beaches and play areas for the little ones.  If I had a choice, I’d like to stay just one more day.  It was so perfect.  Even my Dad got to snorkel with the sting rays.  I was too terrified…you can call me chicken.  Some of the photographs here are my brother’s that I stole from his point and shoot.  (that’s him and his girlfriend in the snorkel gear there)



One of the last things I’ll comment on is the housekeeping service on the cruise ship is outstanding.  Every night I came to my room exhausted and the room was super clean and our housekeeper even stacked my diapers and baby food!  (…maybe because he knew I was traveling with an infant by myself but he was amazing! )  And the staff folded our towels every night into some kind of animal.  Most of the photos are from my brother’s camera.

last night_5_Fotor_Collage

Castaway Cay

So we’ve reached the end…well almost.  Disney has saved the best for last, I mean what kind of company has their own island??!! (excluding Martha of course!)  A unique experience on its own and we get to enjoy the island and attend a wedding there at the same time!  Sign me up please!

brach 1

Beautiful sights, beautiful sounds, beautiful family…congratulations again to my wonderful sister that has found an amazing soul mate in Jon.  I am incredibly happy for them and was delighted to capture this intimate moment for them.  So get ready to scroll and scroll because this post is photo heavy.

brach 2


Clearly the day was perfect!  Clear blue skies and sparkling waters…however I have one teensy weenie comment for Disney for future intimate weddings on perfect days like this one, could they maybe provide some sort of shade for the bride and groom during the ceremony?  I mean…they were in direct sun = unavoidable shadows!  I was afraid if we didn’t get done any sooner, we would all melt ala Olaf.




More on Castaway Cay later this week!  Stay tuned.
Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine.

St. Thomas/US Virgin Islands


Our second island hop adventure was St. Thomas.  Visually upon approaching the island, the scenery was stunning but boy oh boy…it was hot!  But better hot than hot rain right?  In terms of shopping, there were many, many shops in close vicinity to the port with so many things to buy…I mean really, do we need so much rum??!!  I guess so since this is the Caribbean.

We stuck close to the port again and this time went to the butterfly garden situated right next to port.  The only downside to docking here was that there were no beaches within walking distance from the ship.  I think I preferred the rustic-ness of St. Maarten to the hustle and bustle of St. Thomas.  


All in all, I really enjoyed the islands, everything was so colorful and vibrant.  This was also the rare occasion that I was in any photograph since I took so many of everyone else.   So if anyone needs a vacation photographer, please feel free to e-mail me lol!


A New Chapter

This week marks a new chapter in my life. I am moving farther and farther away from the beach. I know…roll your eyes, I am spoiled! Good-bye tsunami warnings and flooding of the carports, I am now above a hill that holds a beautiful view of Diamond Head in close quarters with a lab named Dre (yes, as in Dr. Dre!) and his alpha-female Lucy (some kind of small dog). I will no longer have to face the hideous traffic of the H-1 and instead will zipping through the H-3 enjoying the magnificient Ko’olau mountains.

The one thing I will miss the most is the 5-minute drive to our favorite beach spot. The Doggy Beach as we call it. The perfect shallow area for my Odin to play in with dogs that sometimes outnumber the various beach bums…this is our place. We will be back.


The star of my life, here he is at 15 months.

Sneak Peek – Liz’s Baby Shower at Café Julia

Here’s a little sneak peek at photos from the baby shower for the beautiful and glowing Liz at Café Julia. Nestled in downtown Honolulu, you wouldn’t have known this restaurant was there. Let me tell you how gorgeous and amazing it is. Absolutely enchanting and magical, with poolside dining! If you are ever in Honolulu, Cafe Julia is a must.
With amazing friends and family, this was the poshest (is that a word?) that I have ever had the privilege to attend and photograph! With beautifully dressed ladies and gents and grand centerpieces to the dee-licious candy bar, it was a moment that Liz will never forget!

Sneak 1.png

Sneak 2.png

Embracing The Camera Challenge – DONE!

The week before last week’s embrace the camera challenge is done and DONE! Can I say how hard it was for me to be in every single shot?! It was crazy trying to get myself into the shot with a moving 14-month old toddler who never stayed still for a minute. I had to convert myself to doing silly things so that he would actually be looking at me and not trying to push the phone buttons. How is it that these toddlers already know how to use these android phones so well?!

One of the biggest reasons why I don’t take any photos is because my hair is growing back from when I started nursing my son when he was born. My hair is wavy so it is growing back curly and if I’m not careful, I look like a clown! Yes, you may laugh…I approve.

So Moms, I encourage you to use your self-timers and get in there to cherish those memories with your loved ones no matter what you look like.


Odin’s 1-Year Photos!

So I had looked high and low for the perfect spot to take Odin’s 1-Year old photos at. The next thing I knew, the house next door was demolished in just under an hour and lo and behold, a construction site with some sort of jaw breaking thing! Woo hoo! I came home, dressed Odin up and we headed next door to get some shots!

This is just a sneak peek for family and friends. More cuteness coming your way!


More KCC Farmer’s Market

Can’t get enough of the KCC farmer’s market? Well, if you want more we did it again this past weekend and Mr. Bora joined us for our walk there. Normally, it is just Odin and I but it was such a nice day for a walk, he decided to come with. And somehow whenever Mr. Bora comes along, we run into people we know. One of the main reasons we come to the farmer’s market is for fresh produce straight from the local farms here in Hawaii. One of them is Nalo Farms in Waimanalo run by Dean Okimoto who believes in “fresh from our farm to your table”. You can check them out here, I can attest that their greens are definitely delicious.

kcc_3 nalo

kcc_4 pineapples

kcc_5 veggies