Happy Hula Friday

The hula reminds me of my love for the ocean.  Graceful hands and rhythmic hips swaying is a soothing reminder of waves rolling by.  Old Hawaii ne’ is brought back through song and dance.  It is compelling and enchanting to watch.


This past weekend, I was treated by my sister to attend my niece’s hula show.  This is the first time that I have been able to see it live.  She is simply incredible.

She has been doing hula since she was three years old.  There is a natural grace and presence that she possesses for the stage.  As part of Halau NaMeakanu, the Diva (as we now shall call her) participated in three performances.  Not only did we see the many keiki perform, there were beautiful dances by the other ladies and a heartwarming dance between father and daughter.


Naturally, most of my photos are of her.  Look at that gorgeous smile!  She smiled in all her dances!



(Sorry for all the backs of heads in the photos!  We were sitting about 15 yards away in a school auditorium!  And…I was taking photos with a toddler in my lap at most times!)