Moments That Melt

Sometimes there are crazy days and sometimes there are days that you don’t sleep. Sleep is overrated anyways. Then there are those days with that one special moment that makes those other days disappear into meaningless. This is one of them. After a walk around the farmer’s market and finding our place under the trees at KCC campus, he just wanted to give out hugs. Simply put, this makes my heart melt.


And then onto some more fun ones. You can see that he is laughing so hard the drool is in slow motion dripping out from the side of his mouth. Mr. Bora is pointing to it in this photo. It looks photoshopped in but I can confirm that it was drool.

kcc_2 drool


The Chicken Park

I have no desire to raise chickens…but my neighborhood is full of them. One block up from our house is a park that has chickens. I am not sure if they belong to anyone but every time we walk up there, they are running around everywhere. In fact, I don’t even know the real name of the park since everyone around here calls it “The Chicken Park”.

As soon as Odin is old enough, I am sure he will want to go to the chicken park to visit them every day. As of now, he points and looks at me for confirmation that maybe one day we will be raising chickens. I think not.