Art Institute Culinary Portfolio Show

Imagine a place where beautiful food is served elegantly on a platter and brought to you by smiling little elves who encourage you to taste and take as many bites as you please…you’re probably thinking it’s heaven but it’s just the Culinary Graduate Portfolio Show at the Art Institute of California in Orange County…that I have to make a point of attending every year.  There were savory dishes ranging from pork belly to tequila crab ceviche but the star of the show were the pastry delights, which is why I was there in the first place.


I had the privilege to attend and support a very good friend…Miss Eunhye Shim.  Her whimsical presentation and style complimented the exquisite taste of her dessert…(which is why we’re friends of course :).   Nah…we’re friends because secretly we love all things Twilight and dance to Spice Girls tunes all day long.  But really…she is amazeballs talented and to quote another friend that attended with me “Look, she even brought her bird cage!”, it made me smile because I would’ve brought hanging mini-lanterns or something.


Congratulations on a fantastic portfolio showing Eunhye!  It was sooo crowded I had to hurry to get shots in between hands reaching for things!



Eunhye Shim = AMAZING

There are definite perks to being friends for a long time. You get to see them evolve, grow, and bloom into something so wonderful that you cannot believe that they’ve done something so incredible. Of course, I’m a huge believer that if you want something real bad, you’re going to work as hard as you can to get it.

I’ve never doubted her creative talent, but her cake creations tell a beautiful story. Each of her cakes are so whimsical and detailed to each client, seeing one in person leaves you in complete awe that you can’t comprehend, “then why must we cut it!!!”

Let me introduce you to Eunhye Shim, cake artist extraordinaire. Featuring her most recent creation for my niece Ares’s 6th birthday, “The Princess Cake” I call it. To see all her other creations, follow her on instagram @subbie120