Castaway Cay Part 2


This journey ends here.  I was super lagging and didn’t finish my posts…shame on me for leaving you hanging.  One of the most enjoyable aspects about vacation is to truly relax and live in the moment.  Because the wedding took the most part of the morning with lots and lots of photographing…I chose not to photograph as much the rest of the day to spend time with my family and my munchkin.  Sooo you won’t see many photographs here.

Castaway Cay is exclusively for the Disney Cruise and allows their guests to enjoy themselves without having to think much about anything.  There’s a great big bbq that you don’t have to pay for as well as fruits, ice-cream, soda, and enormous chocolate chip cookies.  There were many beaches and play areas for the little ones.  If I had a choice, I’d like to stay just one more day.  It was so perfect.  Even my Dad got to snorkel with the sting rays.  I was too terrified…you can call me chicken.  Some of the photographs here are my brother’s that I stole from his point and shoot.  (that’s him and his girlfriend in the snorkel gear there)



One of the last things I’ll comment on is the housekeeping service on the cruise ship is outstanding.  Every night I came to my room exhausted and the room was super clean and our housekeeper even stacked my diapers and baby food!  (…maybe because he knew I was traveling with an infant by myself but he was amazing! )  And the staff folded our towels every night into some kind of animal.  Most of the photos are from my brother’s camera.

last night_5_Fotor_Collage


Castaway Cay

So we’ve reached the end…well almost.  Disney has saved the best for last, I mean what kind of company has their own island??!! (excluding Martha of course!)  A unique experience on its own and we get to enjoy the island and attend a wedding there at the same time!  Sign me up please!

brach 1

Beautiful sights, beautiful sounds, beautiful family…congratulations again to my wonderful sister that has found an amazing soul mate in Jon.  I am incredibly happy for them and was delighted to capture this intimate moment for them.  So get ready to scroll and scroll because this post is photo heavy.

brach 2


Clearly the day was perfect!  Clear blue skies and sparkling waters…however I have one teensy weenie comment for Disney for future intimate weddings on perfect days like this one, could they maybe provide some sort of shade for the bride and groom during the ceremony?  I mean…they were in direct sun = unavoidable shadows!  I was afraid if we didn’t get done any sooner, we would all melt ala Olaf.




More on Castaway Cay later this week!  Stay tuned.
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St. Thomas/US Virgin Islands


Our second island hop adventure was St. Thomas.  Visually upon approaching the island, the scenery was stunning but boy oh boy…it was hot!  But better hot than hot rain right?  In terms of shopping, there were many, many shops in close vicinity to the port with so many things to buy…I mean really, do we need so much rum??!!  I guess so since this is the Caribbean.

We stuck close to the port again and this time went to the butterfly garden situated right next to port.  The only downside to docking here was that there were no beaches within walking distance from the ship.  I think I preferred the rustic-ness of St. Maarten to the hustle and bustle of St. Thomas.  


All in all, I really enjoyed the islands, everything was so colorful and vibrant.  This was also the rare occasion that I was in any photograph since I took so many of everyone else.   So if anyone needs a vacation photographer, please feel free to e-mail me lol!


St. Maarten

Our first port of call was St. Maarten.  The day started a little dreary with some tropical rain and since our family was playing everything by ear, we didn’t have anything planned thus were unaware we needed to board a ferry to shuttle us across the harbor.  We also had children, two of which were babies and under the age of one.

Stroller and all, off we went across the harbor to the Dutch side of St. Maarten to explore on foot Philipsburg, the main town and capital of St. Maarten.  It reminded me of Waikiki.  While charming and quaint with aging brick shops and tourist trinkets, the heckling of locals to buy or use their tourist services was a bit off-putting.  But hey, we’re on vacation so we politely said no and continued to explore.





This is my Dad’s debut on my blog!  Stay tuned to see my Mom!



Because we were there early, nobody was on the beach yet and Ares strutted her stuff for us.  We shopped and had lunch on the beach.  The best part of St. Maarten for us probably was the beach.  The sun prevailed and it turned out to be a gorgeous day with all the kids loving the sand and water.   I also don’t have many photos to share because I chose to be in the water playing with the kids, sometimes fun is more important!

Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine.

Disney Cruise in Review


If anyone read my post last week it was a subtle hint at this week’s posts.  This week it is all about Disney Cruising.  My family decided to all go on the Disney Cruise last year in May of 2013 to have fun… and attend my sister’s wedding on Castaway Cay in the Caribbean.  I’ve never been on a cruise before and with a toddler in tow, it seemed to be a bit daunting.  Especially since I would be flying from Hawaii into California and then on to Florida to Port Canaveral.


For my first leg of the trip, I flew with Odin by myself.  At the time, he was 9 months.  We boarded the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Fantasy.  Can I tell you, at first glance, the ship is amazing.  So big, so beautiful, so shiny!  And really, who has prosciutto on the buffet line!  I felt like I had to taste everything and do everything on the first day!  The first two days we spent at sea.  I think this was pretty smart on Disney’s part because it gave us a chance to explore and enjoy the ship in itself, a floating city!


Although I do wish they had more play areas for the littlest of them all. There was only one play area called Nemo’s Reef for toddlers still in diapers.  Though I doubt my little one cared because  he was quite fascinated with the water spouting around anyway.  And the water was a bit cold, I would probably recommend Disney up the temp there.

As far as food went.  It was pretty great.  There were three different restaurants that were available and our servers went with us every single night!  So we had the same servers every single night!  There was a self serve frozen yogurt stand that was open ’til late (11PM?), soda stations, late night diner and room service 24/7!  Woohoo, way to go Disney!


There is so much to cover so stay tuned for more!

Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine.  Any questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them all!