Just Keep Swimming

I realize that I’ve been slacking in the blog department 😦

What can I say…I’ve been trying but sometimes…sleep ultimately wins!  Especially when you’ve got a toddler that is going a mile a minute.  Trying to do activities that keep him occupied exhausts me…and when you’re watching two of them {my nephew Daredevil}, you have to make sure one is not biting the other.  Oh…and a grand tip for you all in general, make sure you have two of everything, same color and same size!  The word “mine” is not something you want to hear every two seconds.

Anyway, one of the things we are doing constantly is swimming.  All the kids seem to really love being in the water in general.  It might be time to invest in wetsuits for the upcoming winter beach seshs.

Here are a few of my guy enjoying his swim lessons.




Have a great weekend! {I really love that he smiles when he’s swimming!}