The Chrysalis

Remember those beautiful caterpillars I photographed in my sister’s garden in May?  Well, due to Mother Nature and bad timing, I never got a chance to see the rest of the stages.  There were about five caterpillars and we only visually saw one open chrysalis.  Here’s a link to the previous post with the caterpillars.

Well, fast forward to now, I had seen only one tiny caterpillar and now, ta da {as Daredevil would say}, we have THREE chrysalises!  I think the scientific word is pupa…but really who wants to say pupa?!  {it sounds too much like poop!}  So, let’s stick with chrysalis, it’s so much prettier anyways.


The chrysalises are so beautiful.  They are similar to jade earrings and the color is insanely gorgeous!  {no color retouching!}  Look at those gold sparkles!


That one there looks the most different from the other three.  It has a deep brown and gold ring at the top.  I wonder if that is an indication of the butterfly’s wing patterns.  It’s amazing either way.  I really do hope that I get see the butterflies making its way out of the cocoon…that would be so special.


I remember visiting a butterfly farm on our cruise trip on St. Thomas and seeing them behind a glass window. {I probably posted it as well…} but seeing them in my sister’s garden with an unobstructed view…priceless.  {insert master card commercial}

Have a good weekend and aloha!